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E00 - Introducing "My Data Stories" Series

Hi there! Feels great to get back to writing!

Over the past 6 months, I spent a substantial amount of my time exploring something entirely new and challenging. In my head, I presumed that the best way to go about this would be to spend 10,000 hours learning it in private and mastering it totally before I put out any work in connection with it. Thankfully, I’ve had a rethink, thus this post.

What is this new skill? Drum rolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Data Visualization. Ooops! I know what you’re thinking. Overwhelming charts and graphs? Weird calculations and relationships?

Hell yeah! But not exactly.

This post introduces a new series I would be publishing consistently going forward. It is fittingly named “My Data Stories”. The idea is to use this new skill I have acquired(honestly still learning a lot) to bring some value to you.


Data visualization to me is about communicating without writing epistles. It’s about speaking a langauge that is understood by the eyes and interpreted by mere intuition to the extent possible. Thus, in this series, I will be highlighting and presenting seemingly commonplace information that is extremely relevant to society (but mostly ignored) in a way that is fun, easy to remember and interact with.

Not everyone could read or stare at stats in a table even if their lives depended on it. But I bet we could all look at visuals (pictures et al) and make valid inferences from them.

Not true? I guess we’ll find out.

Watch out for the next episode! You’ve got something to say? Please tell me below.